NAFTA Assessment checklist -
Preparing Your Organization For a
NAFTA Re-Negotiation

Authored by Heather Innes
June 5, 2017

In our first NAFTA Update we explained the timing for possible NAFTA re-negotiations. In May, President Trump delivered his notice of intent to renegotiate to the US Congress. Now, there will be a 90 day consultation period in the US before a formal notice to start negotiations will be delivered to each of Mexico and Canada. The Mexican Government previously initiated consultations and the Canadian Government has now formally requested input from Canadians, with submissions due by July 18, 2017. NAFTA negotiations could start as early as this August.
So, what do you need to do to best position your business for the coming changes?  We have updated our NAFTA ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST FOR PREPARING YOUR ORGANIZATION FOR A NAFTA RE-NEGOTIATION.


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